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Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City Tourism Promotion Video

「Matsuyama beyond your expectations」

I was responsible for all aspects of creating the tourism promotion video featured on the official website of Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. This includes conceptualization, direction, filming, aerial shots, and editing. Additionally, I also created it for the Taiwanese audience.

Our work received the Excellence Award at the 16th Shikoku Content Video Festival 2022(Out of 165 submissions, 16 works were nominated).

愛媛県松山市様の公式HP(観光ページ)に掲載される観光プロモーション動画を制作(構成作成、ディレクション、撮影、空撮、編集)全てを担当いたしました。 また、台湾向けに繁体字verも制作いたしました。


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Japan, Tokyo and Ehime

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