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Tokyo’s nostalgic Shitamachi
The story of Sawanoya Ryokan past and present

Located in the traditional Tokyo downtown area of Yanaka, "Sawanoya Ryokan" is a family-run inn that has been serving guests since the post-war era. In its early years, Sawanoya Ryokan thrived with a steady stream of customers.


However, as the Japanese lifestyle underwent significant changes, the number of patrons dwindled. In response, Mr. Isao Sawa focused on welcoming guests from overseas. This strategic shift led to a remarkable recovery, with over 80% of the clientele being international tourists.


Unfortunately, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the inn, as international visitors ceased to arrive. This documentary delves into the past and present of Sawanoya Ryokan, a place that continues to embrace the warmth of its community and perseveres amidst the challenges faced in the heartwarming streets of Yanaka.

東京の下町(谷中)に戦後からある家族経営の旅館 「澤の屋旅館」。 戦後、澤の屋旅館は繁盛していた。しかし、日本人の生活スタイル変化により、どんどんお客様は減った。そんな中、澤の屋旅館の澤功さんは海外からのゲスト受け入れに力を入れた。経営は回復して80%以上が海外からの観光客になる。 しかし、新型コロナウイルスの影響によって、海外からのお客様は途絶えた。 人情溢れる下町で挑戦し続ける「澤の屋旅館」の今昔に迫るドキュメンタリー。

​監督、撮影、編集 KoSEI

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